A Model of a Gillnetter

A model of a gillnetter The model boat is quite an authentic replication of a gillnetter.  I took this photo while at the Maritime Festival in Steveston, in Richmond, BC.  I did a minor edit to the photo, adding the name “Princess Naomi” to the boat as it really reminded me of my Dad’s boat.  It’s about as close as one will get to seeing what my Dad’s boat looked like.  When he dry docked the boat, it was very much like this photo, put up on blocks.  Where it differs is that no one would drop their balances while […]

Recommendations for the week

I love coffee. I love coffee even more since I found out about a local organic coffee roaster, Hazelmere Organic Coffees.  Who’s that? Well, talk to Laurie at Hazelmere Organic Coffees. She’s one of the friendliest, engaging vendors you’ll meet at a number of local farmer’s markets in and around Vancouver. The spring/summer farmer’s market season will soon be upon us, so look her up at her site, http://hazelmereorganiccoffees.com or find her on any number of lists of farmer’s markets at http://www.eatlocal.org/. My personal favourite is Midnight Cubano. On a totally different note, do you need junk removal? The best […]

It’s My Birthday, So Here Are My Thank You Notes

Thank you Jimmy Fallon. This format is not unique to me in that I’m copying Jimmy Fallon’s Friday shows where he ‘writes’ his Thank You Notes. Thank you for not getting on my case for not writing everyday in April. I didn’t quite do well with my target of trying to write everyday for the month of April in honour of Parkinson’s Awareness Month. I really respect my friend and fellow blogger Nicole Van Damme that much more! She’s continued to write for 80 days straight on her quest to write for one full year on her challenge of “Attracting […]

Still here?

Apr. 23, 2011 Thank you. Thank you for your patience.  I’ve been sick and for me, it just seems easier to suffer through it versus trying to alleviate the symptoms.  For those of you who also take rasagiline, do you take any antihistamines?   I have a list of over the counter medicines to avoid, and there are plenty. So, I just found it easier to avoid all of them rather than try to find one that I could take to counter a runny nose, congestion, coughing, etc… So, I’m still here. Are you?

Fell off the Wagon…so to speak

Apr. 19, 2011 I fell off my own wagon.  I hadn’t written for about 10 days because life got in the way. Rather, life took precedence over writing on this blog.  I am trying to get back on my feet so please be patient with me.  It was nothing related directly to my health, but indirectly my path I’m taking is currently to secure my longterm ability to take care of myself.  I know, kind of vague. To get back on track, I’ll just share that things are improving and I’ll be able to write daily again.

Need Rest

April 7, 2011 Working on my own business means I put in long hours. Luckily I enjoy my work, but on the flipside I do stay up too late. I know I need rest to stay as healthy as possible to continue to battle Parkinsons. So I apologize for another short entry, but my bed calls.