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I love coffee. I love coffee even more since I found out about a local organic coffee roaster, Hazelmere Organic Coffees.  Who’s that? Well, talk to Laurie at Hazelmere Organic Coffees. She’s one of the friendliest, engaging vendors you’ll meet at a number of local farmer’s markets in and around Vancouver. The spring/summer farmer’s market season will soon be upon us, so look her up at her site, or find her on any number of lists of farmer’s markets at My personal favourite is Midnight Cubano.

On a totally different note, do you need junk removal? The best service I’ve had is from Check them out at  I talked with Rob and Kevin there and they’re upfront and honest with you.  If you can estimate within reason the amount of junk you need hauled away, they were bang on, on their quote to me. I told them about the junk, and when Kevin came he estimated the fee would be more than what I was originally told because he saw more garbage than I described. So I was expecting the bill to be much larger, and he said it’ll just be on the higher end of what I was originally quoted. There’s no BS from these guys.  They kept within the range of the quote, no hidden fees, and I can’t emphasize how good the service is. They were in and out within a half hour.  I’ll definitely use them again the next time we have a major clean up around the house!