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2012 UN Year of Cooperatives

  Earlier on March 26, 2012 I was finally approved of using the UN logo in support of 2012 designated as the International Year of Cooperatives. I will be writing a few articles on in cooperatives I find interesting. Stay tuned for more…

One of my favourite images

My neighbour’s son had his toy cars out in the garden, and the way they were laid out, it looked like a car went over a cliff. I liked the way it looked, so with a little Photoshop manipulation, I came up with the photo below. In the photo too is Michael. We took some photos up by Whytecliff and I used a couple of the photos we took there, and combined it with ‘car accident’ below.

Welcome to!

Welcome to  If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice some changes.  More often, you’ll see a large image of a sampling of my creative work.  For example, this is a composite I put together for my nephew.