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Awesome Cat

The most awesome big cat I’ve seen in person with my own eyes. Look at that face! Isn’t that a state of bliss?

Big Cat in Bliss

Still here?

Apr. 23, 2011 Thank you. Thank you for your patience.  I’ve been sick and for me, it just seems easier to suffer through it versus trying to alleviate the symptoms.  For those of you who also take rasagiline, do you take any antihistamines?   I have a list of over the counter medicines to avoid, and there are plenty. So, I just found it easier to avoid all of them rather than try to find one that I could take to counter a runny nose, congestion, coughing, etc… So, I’m still here. Are you?

Fell off the Wagon…so to speak

Apr. 19, 2011 I fell off my own wagon.  I hadn’t written for about 10 days because life got in the way. Rather, life took precedence over writing on this blog.  I am trying to get back on my feet so please be patient with me.  It was nothing related directly to my health, but indirectly my path I’m taking is currently to secure my longterm ability to take care of myself.  I know, kind of vague. To get back on track, I’ll just share that things are improving and I’ll be able to write daily again.

Need Rest

April 7, 2011 Working on my own business means I put in long hours. Luckily I enjoy my work, but on the flipside I do stay up too late. I know I need rest to stay as healthy as possible to continue to battle Parkinsons. So I apologize for another short entry, but my bed calls.

Parkinson’s Superwalk 2011

Apr. 5, 2011 I have participated in the Superwalk each year since 2005. This will be my seventh walk! I want to have my team raise a large amount this year. Any suggestions? The most my team raised in one year was approximately $3300. I’m hoping to exceed that amount this year so if you have any suggestions let me know how I can achieve that. Short and to the point today.

Didn’t Know What to Write Until I Reached Out

April 4, 2011 I started out not knowing what to write tonight and then it dawned on me that’s the way this whole process began. I started out in Twitter with a blank slate. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to talk about Parkinson’s or not, until I reached out to another who’s challenging Parkinson’s. I soon found a network of fellow like minded people who are not letting this illness define them. Rather each individual is facing this with courage and dignity. It’s not easy for all of us. So I ask you in the month of April, please […]

To Open Up

April 3, 2011 Sometimes it just takes that little extra push to open  up.  My friend Nicole Van Damme gave me that initial push through her blog,  She’s very entertaining in her writing and in person a charm.  Talking with her I was encouraged by her motivation to write and share her stories of personal growth.  I realized that through my experiences, if I can encourage even one person, that’s creating the energy for change in a positive direction for that individual, who might create even greater positive change for many more. I don’t have many answers, but all I know is […]

Ok… A Little Behind

APRIL 2, 2011 You know when you determine to start something, all these obstacles come in your way to prevent you from succeeding. Merely challenges to try to throw you off from revealing your true strengths and abilities.  The challenge that appeared before me was the technical side to this blog. It wasn’t appearing the way I’d like and for that matter, being somewhat of a perfectionist, I delayed and delayed.  But, what another friend told me once was, “You just got to go for it.” And so I did.  Some of the backend stuff is bothering me still, but […]