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Photographer, Parkinson’s Advocate, Sports Athlete, Buddhist

Richard Mayede





Vibrant Colours Catch My Eye


I can’t quite put my finger on when it happened, but one day, I just started taking photographs of flowers. Sometime in my 40s I began to appreciate the impermanence of flowers. Their beauty is undeniable yet fleeting as they cannot last eternally.

Awesome Cat

Awesome Cat

The most awesome big cat I’ve seen in person with my own eyes. Look at that face! Isn’t that a state of bliss?

Enjoying Mt. Hood

A recent trip to Oregon proved to be relaxing, energetic and adventurous. The relaxing part was enjoying the view from Mt. Hood. It was also an adventurous time too, as I attempted the frog pose, the one difficult balancing yoga pose I know, on several rocks at an...

2012 UN Year of Cooperatives

  Earlier on March 26, 2012 I was finally approved of using the UN logo in support of 2012 designated as the International Year of Cooperatives. I will be writing a few articles on in cooperatives I find interesting. Stay tuned for more...


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