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Thank you Jimmy Fallon.

This format is not unique to me in that I’m copying Jimmy Fallon’s Friday shows where he ‘writes’ his Thank You Notes.

Thank you for not getting on my case for not writing everyday in April.

I didn’t quite do well with my target of trying to write everyday for the month of April in honour of Parkinson’s Awareness Month. I really respect my friend and fellow blogger Nicole Van Damme that much more! She’s continued to write for 80 days straight on her quest to write for one full year on her challenge of “Attracting Mr. Right”.  Before you jump to conclusions and think it’s just for women, have a read and you’ll find her blog to be more a source of inspiration to challenge oneself to value and respect ourselves first with all our strengths and perceived flaws. For anyone interested, check her blog,

Thank you Twitter.

It is because of Twitter I’ve met some interesting people and companies, like Nicole above, a number of fellow Parkinson’s challengers, people challenging other health problems, Portlanders, various wineries, and photographers.

Thank you Vancouver rain.

It reminds me to enjoy the sunshine. When we get it.

Thank you Sunshine.

Please, please come back!

Thank you Vancouver Canucks.

The fact that you’ve played hockey on my birthday for the last few years is great, but I want to see you win the Cup in June 2011!

Thank you prescription medication.

For letting me fall asleep for a couple of hours while I tried to finish this blog.

And Thank You Friends!

You’re the best friends anyone can have. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!