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April 3, 2011

Sometimes it just takes that little extra push to open  up.  My friend Nicole Van Damme gave me that initial push through her blog,  She’s very entertaining in her writing and in person a charm.  Talking with her I was encouraged by her motivation to write and share her stories of personal growth.  I realized that through my experiences, if I can encourage even one person, that’s creating the energy for change in a positive direction for that individual, who might create even greater positive change for many more.

I don’t have many answers, but all I know is that by being the happiest person I can be, challenging myself physically by playing sports, and engaging with people on a day to day basis in a positive manner are all ways that are keeping me from succumbing to the negativity that can easily creep in, which makes the body more susceptible to the progression of Parkinson’s.

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