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The first season of This is Parkinson’s is made possible with the support from TELUS STORYHIVE, and will be available for free on TELUS Optik TV on November 15, 2022.

The project was a success because I completed it on time and on budget. It was a great learning process on how to develop a production from start to finish. I found where my strengths are and where I need to improve and that’s the benefit of having the support of TELUS STORYHIVE who encouraged me every step of the way, especially in the beginning when ‘I didn’t get started the way I had envisioned. Despite the rocky start I found ways to adjust my vision without compromising te integrity of the project. What I expected was perfection from my first step, but the TELUS STORYHIVE team expected all project lead to learn about the process regardles of whether we were beginners like me or others with experience. TELUS STORYHIVE just wanted all of us to gain new experiences and that was definitely achieved.

Stay tuned for the upcoming season 2 in 2023.