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Climbing with New Friends

I went wall climbing with some new friends I made a few months ago. We met at a picnic and our common bond is that among the partners, the guys have Parkinson’s Disease. We’re all fairly young, found out we have this illness at different ages, but we’re doing what we can to remain positive.

First of all I want to think of my friends I made as just that, friends.  I know there’s terms out there for us YOPDers (Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease), PWP (Person With Parkinson’s), and Parkies, but my friends are more than those boxes, containers people use to help them categorize groups of individuals.  I have more to say about this, but I’ll save it for another day.

Back to the climb. This was an opportunity  to do something I never did before, indoor wall climbing. It was a chance to do something a little scary and physically challenging, and do it with some fun friends and a group of great people.