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Facing down Mt. Hood

Facing down Mt. Hood

A recent trip to Oregon proved to be relaxing, energetic and adventurous.

The relaxing part was enjoying the view from Mt. Hood. It was also an adventurous time too, as I attempted the frog pose, the one difficult balancing yoga pose I know, on several rocks at an altitude of over 7000 feet. My friend took pictures of me in various states and I particularly liked this one, which looks like I’m facing down a steep embankment.

I forgot how quiet nature could be since even in the quietest moments in the city, you still can hear or feel a low frequency hum of the urban soundscape. It was quite serene up near the top of Mt. Hood.

Growing up a city boy, being out in nature is still an odd feeling for me, but having an opportunity to see and experience Mt. Hood, in the Summer and in glorious sunshine was definitely well worth the scenic drive from Portland.