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It’s hockey season coming up and Luongo’s back between the posts, but not as the captain of the Canucks.  I thought it was a good move for him and for the team, so he can concentrate on his goaltending duties and less focus on the day to day responsibilities of being in front of  the microphones describing every detail about their wins and losses.  Mind you, I still think he’ll be a leader in the room.  I think that’s what true leadership is, when one is respected among his/her peers for their character, preparation and personal fortitude regardless of a title or responsibility.

Now, my original intent with this post was because, it’s been a long time for me between posts!  No I don’t mean I used to be a goalie.  I mean I haven’t written on my blog for several months.  Since February between the Olympics and currently the cusp of the hockey season, I’ve been working on getting to know After Effects better, work on my photography, and my business.  Mind you, no excuse to not write.  Many of you are able to do much more and continue to post interesting viewpoints on all sorts of subjects.

So, with that in mind, I’ll get back to posting!  Game on!